My Alternative Life Series

February 28th, 2017

My writing to date has flowed in starts and stutters…. I have been hidden in my head especially of late, well because life stuff just took over.  But I am still the eternal optimist and since I believe the only moment we have is NOW, what better time to brush off the cobwebs and start again?  I mean isn’t that what we get daily – a new opportunity to start afresh?  So my new Spring Resolution is to blog regularly about things that mean something to me, ideally daily (extra pressure not intended…), so here we go! (after a deep breath and a quick Loving Kindness meditation):

Today I am just going to outline my series – inspired by world events and the reality we are currently living in.  

The Alternative Life Series by the UnIntended Yogi” is about my musings in terms of “What ifs”.  

What If: Hillary had won the Election?

What If: A Two State Solution was finally accepted and the stakeholders could just argue about the spelling of Houmous instead?

What If: The box of Hatred magically had its lid put back on?

What If: We could truly “Let Go” to create more space for us: Mind, Body and Habitat declutter?

What If: We discover the joy of living life more simply, as well as the beauty of minimalism?

What If: We discover that our human potential is only limited by what our minds decide for us? 

What If: Meditation was discovered to be Medicinal?

What If: We realize here in the West that yoga is more than just exercise and physical well being (are you breathing or are you just posing)?

What If: We accept that differences are beautiful expressions of the same so we need to personalize the way we live to maximize our mind and body potential? (my guidance is by yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda)

What If: Scientists discover and create an empathy pill (hint hint: oxytocin based or mimicked) for those who just won’t meditate?

What If: We accept that all religions are just different colors of the same rainbow of Universal Light – and so we either believe or we don’t, so atheism is okay too?

What If: Achieving it “All” creates a hollow  unfulfilled shell of a Being?

What If: We discover that Happiness is a daily creative practice rather than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

What If: We talk more openly about Death so that we are able to live life more fully?

What If: “Alternative” Medicinal practices were truly accepted as Complementary Medicine?

What If: Science and Religion could be taught as Complementary Practices (with some cross-fertilization)?

What If: We discover we really are all truly connected and to hurt even one of us, hurts us all on an unconscious if not conscious level?

What If: We accept that life is a journey with only one ultimate destination: Self Realization? (And the process is part of the purpose)

I think that’s enough “What Ifs” for now!  Notice the “What Ifs” aren’t simply, for example, “What if Hatred didn’t exist?”  All my What If musings are possibilities I believe we can create by changing how we think now and therefore steering our actions so we create an ultimate reality or destiny that we as human beings can be proud of.  

There are so many more I could add, and I of course welcome suggestions too.  I try to breathe and live being the “change I wish to see in the World” (yes of course I trip up, fail all the time but it’s about intentions, getting up and re-starting where I left off).  Imagine if so many of us could join me on their own self propelled and empowered journeys, what we collectively could achieve for our precious Earth?


2 thoughts on “My Alternative Life Series

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  2. Provocative list of questions. I like the way it makes me start thinking in a certain way just by gentle rhetoric. I think you’re on to something special Archana, please keep it up!

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